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Wedding Photographer in Yucatán, México

My name is Ricardo Polanco and I’m a passionate wedding photographer based in Yucatán, México. There are a million reasons why I feel grateful to live here but one of my favorites is all the beautiful places Mexico has: jungles, deserts, beaches and mountains, surrounded with amazing people and colorful culture.

A little about me

Since college, photography started to be a hobby to me until I realized it was my passion, which combined with my love for people, made me realize I had found my calling. It was about 4 years ago when I started photographing weddings all over this beautiful world. It has evolved in a way I never imagined and I’m so blessed to call it a career. Wedding photography was an opportunity to do what I love, in a way that was honest to me and I love the places it has taken me and the friendships it has created.

I am fascinated with human connection and I’m a strong believer that it’s important to make a connection with whoever I’m photographing so that I can truly tell their story in a genuine way.


Anyone can take a good photograph these days, but my goal is to foster an experience for my clients that creates comfort, evokes emotion, uncovers a relationship, and tells a story. Storytelling is important to me. There is honesty and truth in the process of documenting a day, rather than directing it. I love to capture the raw, the messy, the genuine emotion, tears, belly laughs, feels and everything in between.

Forget the traditional poses and anything cliché, I want you two to feel like yourselves in your photos. I just want to create images that show you what your love is and make you feel something, that give you nostalgia and bring you back to a place of happiness, while telling a unique story in a creative and honest way, as authentic and genuine as the people I photograph.

While you’re having the wedding that you always dreamed of, I’ll be there to capture the beginning of this journey you’re on, this story you are creating together with all the emotion and intimacy of your adventure.